Hooray, it’s a Blog!

I’m up and running.  Getting a blog on line takes some technology skills and I’m more the intuitive, wing it type so it’s been a little bit of a struggle.  But it’s done and soon you’ll find recipes, thoughts on local food, cooking, chickens and anything else on my plate that’s worth sharing, so come back to visit often. And don’t forget to suscribe to Dana’s Plate.

While I’ve been trying to master the world of blogs, the chickens have been busy. We have three girls, Ruby, Mattie and Baby. For all my city friends, you don’t have to have a rooster to have eggs, just to have fertilized eggs that can become chicks.  That’s where Big Bird, our fourth “hen” comes in.  We never intended to have a rooster, just a few free range hens to supply us with fresh eggs and look pretty in the garden. When Big Bird got bigger and bossier and sprouted beautiful tail feathers and a lovely comb, we still thought he was a hen. We wanted him to be a hen. Then all this wannabe crowing started and we had to admit we had a rooster on our hands.  By the time we were out of the denial phase, we were too attached to the handsome devil to give him away.

Well one thing led to another and now we have three chicks.  Baby, our youngest hen,  disappeared before we left for two weeks in Italy. Our beloved chicken sitters, my sister and sister-in-law, saw her a couple of times when she showed up to eat. We’d been home just a few days when she arrived squawking and leading a tiny parade of three chicks.

She’s a great mom and we haven’t had to do a thing. You only need lights and special food and all that gear if you don’t have a mother hen. The chicks are almost three weeks old now and really starting to look like miniature chickens. They can even fly a little bit.  I hate to get smarmy, but they are too cute for words. It’s impossible to look at them without smiling.

Heres one of our chicks peeking out from under mom's wing.

Heres one of our chicks peeking out from under mom’s wing.

And then there are the eggs. Our girls are good layers and only Baby has gone broody and decided to hide her eggs and hatch them. Mattie and Ruby laid every day until November when the days got short. Since then they’ve laid on alternate days so we’ve still had a nice egg supply. Baby was too young to lay last summer and only laid a couple of small eggs before she decided to become a mom.

Chickens live by the sun and the days are getting longer so Ruby and Mattie are back to daily provisioning as of yesterday!  Even though it’s cold and gray out, daily gifts make me think of spring. I’m already looking up egg recipes.